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    60,000 New Jobs in Preston LEP August 2010

    Margaret Wilson has taken workers on before, but never quite like this.

    The chairman of security firm Sector Security has got 60,000 of them at work on the roof of her business on Blackpool Road in Preston, all on special security duty to protect their queen.

    But, rather than keeping an eye on their HRH, the new recruits are honey bees getting down to work in a giant bee hive which has popped up in the heart of Ribbleton.

    They are the descendants of hives which the company chairman has in her own home in Higher Walton.

    She said: “I remember when I brought that first brood of bees down from Cumbria in the back of my car; you have never seen so much sticky tape.

    “I had one hive then and now I have five and the one I have brought to work is the product of one of those hives. They are endangered species and I just wanted to do my bit, after all where would we be without bees?

    “It was Einstein who said that without them we would only have four years left to live.”

    The dangers to British bees come from a plethora of diseases including the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder, where a hive’s inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers, and the deadly vorroa mite which get into bees and suck the life out of them from inside.

    The flat roof on top of Sector 
Security’s headquarters is the new home for 
Margaret’s giant Omlet-brand Beehaus, which is double the size of the average bee hive, and is 
surrounded with flowers.

    But not everyone is happy with the new 

    Margaret said: “There was one of our workers who used to smoke up on the flat roof but will not go up there now.

    “But there are plenty of 
others who want to get 
involved in helping out, we have all the suits for them which is good because bees take a lot of looking after.”Beekeeping pic 2010

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