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  • A positive deterrent and peace of mind, professional security services for your business and home.

    Our Services

    Welcome to Sector Security, we do our best to understand the environment you are in at work and at home. High stakes are involved, not just the direct loss or damage which is most obvious there is time to repair/replace/fix as well.

    Security is not a dirty word at Sector, we deliver what we say we do. We provide a flexible workforce capable of giving you peace of mind, reducing worry and stress and enabling you to live your life without being burdened by risk.

    We ensure the highest quality service is on hand, all based on a single guiding principle of “What would we want”. Maintaining those standards and focussing on managing our people through open interaction is our daily business 24/7. This is facilitated and supported by technology across our business. Constantly working on finding answers makes us able to provide the support required in a demanding environment.

    We pride ourselves on our responsive management team with very few layers in our organisation, ensuring decisions and actions are taken as close to the issue as possible. We provide excellent value for money by using innovative solutions, increasing efficiency and enabling better security support through re-engineering practices and technology to bring about a change in structure and a confidence in organisational safety and security.

    Our Turnover of staff is low, turnover of clients is even lower and all clients answer YES to the most important question of all:

    “Would you recommend Sector?”

    Our services include:

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