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  • CCTV Monitoring

    CCTV Monitoring

    CCTV Monitoring

    CCTV monitoring is now common place in our society, with the benefits to business and the reduction in high cost labour seen through prudent use of advanced technology. Sector Security have been involved in CCTV for over 20 years with a history of installation which has developed into the monitoring of systems, thus enabling the continuity of providing security on site for our clients. Our 24 hour monitoring facility has a range of systems and is able to expand to encompass new developments as they occur. We specialise in alarm monitored systems with the 24 hour CCTV monitoring becoming less popular with the use of video analytics and modern software development. This means that your site is lightly monitored with system and camera checks being carried out and then an immediate response and action is carried out in the event of an occurrence, giving ‘eyes on’ for any problem.

    CCTV is a passive system as it monitors activity rather than being proactive in its scope. This has been used in the past to provide information on activity for future proofing and in the case of criminal activity to provide evidence which has secured convictions. With the addition of audio systems on site and a layered security alarm, intruders can then be warned before a breach can occur. This stops opportunist activity and makes your business protection robust.

    Verbal warnings have a great effect, however the more determined intruder realises that it has a limited effect. Tying in Sector Security CCTV Monitoring and Sector Security’s Alarm Response means that within a short space of time there is a professional & fully trained security officer on site who can provide the level of security from an on-site 24 hour presence. This has the added benefit of raising the profile of the incident to the police as the site has a higher priority because of the direct risk to personnel, rather than just property.

    Sector Security work with the police in providing evidence and even guiding police officers to the location of intruders on the more complex sites. We have provided data for a number of incidents which have then gone to court and we have been instrumental in securing convictions.

    Although CCTV monitoring is the main aim of our activity it is important to note the other aspects of modern electronic interaction with businesses:

    Remote Reception Duties. Interacting with customers and clients via audio and CCTV enables simple reception duties to be carried out. Access to areas otherwise secure, checking Identification and verifying with passwords allow you to have an onsite presence even when away.

    Property Security. Turning Lights on and off, opening and unlocking doors as well as locking and securing sites are often a task for an individual. With advanced electronic systems those tasks can be carried out remotely and once complete a site can be alarmed. When tied in with Sector Security’s alarm response, there is a presence available on site within a short time giving a complete security service

    Out of Hours Deliveries. Delivery yard gates and storage areas can be monitored during non-working hours, allowing deliveries to be left in secured areas for large or small stores. With the CCTV system, this enables the stores being delivered too to be monitored and the activity of the delivery organisation to be checked and verified.

    For a better idea how Sector Security can provide you with electronic remote and on-site support, feel free to call us. If there are technical issues with the maintenance or installation we work in partnership with both national and regional providers who will also be able to help

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