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  • Sector Security Services Limited provides surveillance technology and fully trained security officers to protect commercial and industrial property, warehouses and retail outlets.

    Commercial Services

    Professional security provision for the commercial sector has to be fast and effective, with processes in place which are simple and straightforward. Time is often a defining factor on delivering suitable performance on limited notice to a standard that makes sure the task has been completed successfully. Sector have done just that for over 20 years and will continue to do so. We do that by following simple procedural outlines endorsed through the ISO 9001 standard.

    Sector focus on delivery and performance as a seamless part of your business, reducing inefficiencies and monitoring performance using risk reduction methodology and where appropriate having a highly visible presence deterring the casual negative impact. To do that we provide the following:

    Manned Guarding – Traditional and consistently the most effective site security, both for high profile and immediate response.

    Mobile Patrols – Random on site security without the need for access to sensitive areas and generally a cost reduction from onsite security – highly visible when on site.

    Key holding /Alarm Response – Ensures a professional security operator attends your site in the event of an incident out of hours and can offer a reduction on insurance costs alongside the inconvenience of having staff either senior or junior holding keys and being vulnerable in the event of an incursion.

    Opening/Closing Service – Ideal for large or valuable sites with changing staff on site routines, our service provides a single verifiable point of contact for the act of closing down a site after the cleaning staff and opening the business for the early arrivals. Professionally setting the alarm can be tied in with a site sweep on exit to remove and neutralise unwanted issues.

    CCTV Monitoring – Simplistically put – eyes on site with remote control ability to monitor and take action on site. This offers drastic cost reduction, and when tied in with response is often utilised to get the best value security.

    Lone Worker – Health and Safety support for vulnerable staff, either as provision of care or monitoring activity and performance.

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