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  • Sector Security Services Limited provides a professional, highly visual profile, cost effective service to the domestic householder which is normally only available to the commercial sector.

    Domestic Services

    Everyone’s home is their castle; with Sector Security you can have your own security on call. Sector Security offer the same services – which are highly successful – to domestic clients so that family and home can be safeguarded and protected. The most popular services are:

    Keyholding – If you have ever locked yourself out, this is an ideal solution. Sector holds a spare set of keys for you and can bring them to you, no matter when, saving on glazing, lock smiths, carpenters and the time spent repairing or waiting for workmen. An efficient and effective service which only requires one event to make the service worthwhile.

    Alarm Response – When a domestic alarm is activated, generally the only action is to complain about the noise or flashing light! With Sector Security you will have an on call alarm response officer who will carry out an external patrol and check everything is OK. This gives you an immediate support framework, especially immediately after relocation or are away on Holiday.

    Patrols – While you are away for any length of time your property is vulnerable. What better than to have random patrols in a marked car checking everything is safe and secure for your return. Better than a neighbour as we can be trusted to do the visits and be a real part of your peace of mind.

    Holiday House Watch – As the name implies a smaller package which you can use to look after your property while away for a week or longer. Patrols check the house and are able to make sure everything is definitely safe upon your return. This service and the others can be used separately or combined to form a solid ring of protection for your home.

    Call us or use the contact page to find out what we can do for you, to make your castle secure and ensure your loved ones have the safety they deserve.

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