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    Manned Guarding

    Manned Guarding

    Manned Guarding is the most traditional security available and remains the most effective, with onsite presence and an immediate ability to have staff on site reacting to any unforeseen occurrence – from leaks to incursion. Having a trained security officer on site, standing sentry and carrying out patrols on valuable and sensitive sites is the core activity of Sector Security.

    Sector Security place a real and underlined emphasis on the work done on ‘static’ sites, as such you will be able to see the difference among suppliers. We ensure that supervisor visits are completed, patrol devices are used where applicable, random site visits are carried out by our mobile management team, onsite training and development (above and beyond the statutory minimum), mystery shopper work is carried out in checking site security. All of this is carried out, as well as having hourly check calls and a reverse random check call procedure which ensures the safety and performance of our security officers is at the highest level.

    With all of these activities ongoing – behind the scenes you gain an attentive, focused, alert officer aware of the backup systems they can call on. This means they can then give you more support both directly and indirectly through the security service provided. An additional benefit is that of an ambassador outside of normal office hours who is able to support your business and develop an environment of safety and security for you and your staff.

    The roles covered under “Manned Guarding” include:

    Industrial Manufacturing: Maintaining access and egress, assisting in stock delivery and finished product movement, operating weigh bridges and an added first aid point alongside Health and Safety checks carried out during patrols.

    Warehousing: Monitored patrols checking the infrastructure and storage integrity. Theft and opportunistic vandalism is reduced with the high profile presence making insurance that much cheaper.

    Commercial Front of House: Incorporating parking management, delivery control and induction video, visitor guidance. This may be as part of the duties of the concierge role with housing schemes or even student accommodation.

    Construction Sites/Depots: Management of plant and machinery are the best deterrent for the opportunity thief. Covering a temporary site with Harris fencing to those utilised as a depot for major plant and resource storage. Access and egress and sub-contractor monitoring are aspects very useful in tight budget management.

    Distribution Depots: Controlling work force movement and carrying out searches for the high value smaller items which form the majority of goods in distribution depots. Vehicle searches and access & egress control with random vehicle searches. External patrols to maintain the integrity of the site.

    Retail Locations: Incorporating the use and interrogation of CCTV systems and the quiet and high profile security presence, reducing opportunity theft and ensuring it is a low risk environment for the client and customer while making a high risk environment for the criminal element.

    Events: Small discrete events which need extra assistance on car park management and reducing the risk of gate crashing or the issue of unsocial behaviour. Making a big difference by blending into the background, yet being present enough to promote a happier atmosphere.

    All clients will have a member of the management team as their direct contact. That contact will be from the contracts management or operational sphere of the business and will be able to organise or provide advice or assistance as appropriate. Having a direct link into the senior management level ensures your business is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

    24 Hour support, through our control room is augmented with our vehicle staff; mobile alarm response, patrol officers and senior supervisory staff. This level of manning enables us to cope with the unforeseen circumstance of sickness or an immediate requirement for extra resources.

    All locations have an occurrence log which provides a hard copy history of what has happened on site and is clearly available for review on site. Sector Security continue to work hard in setting the standards on performance with all staff being screened and vetted, as you would expect. If necessary we can also have the latest DBS screening carried out for sensitive sites as appropriate.

    If you are looking for a robust and capable system which has immediate response to the unknown and an organisation which can provide an onsite presence quickly giving an immediate sense of safety and actual security, then contact Sector Security and find out more.

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