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    Mobile Patrols

    Mobile Patrols

    Property and Business owners look for reassurance that their premises and places of work are secure & safe, and that the very best security & safety provision is in place at the most cost effective price. Full time security may not be the best solution and yet it provides a real deterrent. Mobile Patrols can provide a maximum presence and due to randomness in site visit, ensure that businesses have the best and most effective support.


    Reassurance can be provided by the attendance of a uniformed security officer in a liveried vehicle who will patrol the property at random times throughout the night, as many times as is deemed suitable to create the best effect. This patrol is similar to the roving patrols carried out by the Police service some time ago and has been seen to be the most effective.

    The Patrols used in conjunction with highly visible signage placed on the perimeter of the property will act as a deterrent and make sure that opportunist thieves or vandals will judge the location to be too risky to venture onto. This high visibility security then makes your business one to leave alone as the risk of detection is too high.

    As Patrols are a ‘shared’ service, confirmation of attendance can be provided in a number of ways:

    Attendance sheets. These are completed by the security officer on site who can leave the sheet on site with a mini report on activity and what was seen and done whilst on site. It would include time on site and time for departure and any other important details.

    Satellite vehicle tracking reports. These reports can be generated showing the time a vehicle arrives on site and departs. This report can be generated weekly and sent via electronic mail

    Proximate patrol clock system. This is a simple device used to record when the patrol reader comes into contact with the ‘tags’ on site. Again, a report can be generated weekly to provide information.

    Patrol Manager. The latest in clocking devices, working on a smart phone platform, using NFC (Near Field Communication) swiping system which reports in real time to the control room. Reports can be generated weekly detailing activity on site. The systems above support the evidence that patrols have been carried out and ensure that you only pay for the service you receive.

    The Mobile Patrol service can be adapted and tailored to suit your needs. The increase or decrease in activity can depend on the site requirements and the threat risk. Mobile patrols are a direct and obvious security solution, enhancing site security whilst being very flexible and highly accountable.

    Organisations sensible enough to realise the extent of risk to their business just need to contact us to find out how this flexible service can be brought into action and produce immediate benefits to staff and premises alike. Simple patrols may be the difference between a sleepless night and a good morning.

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