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    Open & Close Services

    Open & Close Services

    Who left the window open? A question raised in the morning which at the least is a waste of heat and maybe a source of damage from the weather, at worst the building has been invaded and the evidence of a break in is clear to see.

    Where staff work flexi time or there are several organisations within one large building, it is difficult to allocate responsibility for the effective security of all areas; checking they are empty of staff and visitors, closing windows to conserve heat and make the building secure, and ensuring sensitive areas are cleared and secure until the return of staff in the morning. It is a vital role and is one of the simplest and most effective tasks to ensure that the fire risk is at a complete minimum by turning off appropriate electronic equipment and clearing heating vents as needed.

    A single focal point to close, lock and clear buildings means simple housekeeping; surety on alarm setting and a secure method of making sure that areas are covered during close down. This activity produces a safe and secure environment as well as peace of mind. It has an added advantage of heat conservation, minimising energy usage through light efficiency and being able to have a full and clear report on area discipline.

    Sector Security can provide a trained security officer able to close down, turn off and secure a premises with the correct alarm codes, locks and passwords. This can reduce insurance costs on multiple occupancy sites or simply save precious management time at the end of a long day.

    Having several sets of keys made for the early staff increase risk to the integrity of the building and reduces control on access and egress of the premises. A professional security officer with the correct codes, keys and passwords can open your business at any set time and remove the headaches from the management team by opening for business. The opening service also makes sure that holidays and sickness of staff have no impact on the start of the day, removing stress from key holders.

    Sector Security want to help you become the best by doing the things we are the best at, supporting you and allowing you to concentrate on your core activities. Let us secure your building and give you a good night’s sleep and in the morning, have your business opened, checked and patrolled, making sure there are no surprises.

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