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  • Vacant Property Inspectors

    Vacant Property Inspectors

    Vacant Property Inspectors

    At any time there are a number of commercial properties without adequate protection. These properties can become subject to misuse and damage – either deliberate or unintentional. The provision of good physical protection and alarm systems alongside other security solutions can help minimise and often prevent misuse and damage to these properties.

    Whichever system for physical protection is chosen, it will only work with the back-up of physical weekly or monthly checks dependent on the state and value of the property. These checks ensure that the systems used to secure the property remain effective and that there has been no degradation in the property overall alongside checking for weather and environmental impacts. Such visits and inspections are often stipulated in insurance policies in the event of a commercial property becoming vacant.

    Sector Security have a team available who carry out extensive site visits and checks, making sure that the buildings are maintained and any issues are reported before becoming a major repair problem or even a litigation risk.

    Schedules of inspections can be set to meet the national guidelines which can then be acted upon. Tags affixed to the site can then be used to monitor performance and visit periodicity. Risk assessments would be carried out on site and a list of activities which need to be completed for each visit confirmed and agreed.

    As the owner/manager of the vacant property you get:

    • Professional site visits under an agreed timetable
    • Risk assessments and agreed activities on site
    • Reports on state of repair and if there are any perceived issues
    • Key holder capability for the requirement of external site visits
    • Warning in the event that the risk increases
    • Regular checks on heating and locking systems

    Sector Security’s service and professional ability on vacant property inspections ensures that as much as possible can be done and is done on the most valuable assets within your business.

    Call us to find out more about how to reduce your risk and protect your property.

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