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    Protecting Your Business, Personnel and Property

    A robust and stable security framework should protect core business activities, personnel and properties, which in turn works toward maintaining productivity and performance. However, as many companies lack a qualified full-time Director of Security, security decisions may be taken without qualified understanding of up to date security options. In an attempt to reduce expenditure cuts in security services may appear to be prudent but in doing so, a knee jerk reaction followed by random cut backs may leave your premises and property vulnerable and company in violation of lease or insurance agreements that could put you out of business.

    Case Study

    Light/Medium Haulage Company in Preston had a Sector Security Officer on site, in a guard hut and making patrols around the vehicle storage yard throughout the night. To make cost savings the company cut the service, leaving no guard on duty. They firmly believed that ‘as they had never had any trouble’ they would remain safe and secure.

    Unfortunately within 2 weeks of this happening a group of youths had broken into the yard and caused £20,000 worth of damage to vehicles.

    The haulier operated a fleet of articulated wagons with curtain sides and these were targeted. The youths trying to gain entry to the vehicle loads slashed the curtain sides of the vehicles. The vehicles were actually empty at the time so nothing was stolen.

    The haulage company not only had to pay to repair the wagons but also had the added expense of hiring vehicles and contractors to handle their deliveries whilst their own vehicles were out of action. The manned guarding service was reinstated immediately!

    With this in mind now may be a good time for you to review your security, but you must be sure you are fully protected. A solution could be to place all of the company’s security functions with a trusted and reputable third party security provider. They will use their expertise to audit your current security provision and requirements and make recommendations on cost effective options to keep you protected.

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