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    Security firm faces battle for its name – LEP March 2009

    A Preston security firm is facing a battle to protect its name from a rival firm more than 120 miles away.

    Sector Security Services Ltd has been bombarded with abusive letters and emails at its offices in Blackpool Road, Ribbleton, from people in dispute with Hull-based wheel-clamping firm Sector Security Ltd after their vehicles were impounded.

    Managing director Margaret Wilson, of the Preston-based company, has even placed a disclaimer on its website which has been bombarded with emails for months from disgruntled customers.

    She has now called on industry regulators the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and Security Industry Authority (SIA) to step in and stop the case of mistaken identity.

    The director said: “We have been getting letters, emails and phone calls from all over the place with people who have problems with this company, they all think that we are the same company.

    “We have appointed a solicitor to look into whether we can get them to change their name and our MP, Mark Hendrick, has even written to the SIA to get them to intervene wherever they can.

    “In the meantime we are just telling everyone that there is no connection between the two companies.”

    A spokesman for the Hull-based Sector Security Ltd confirmed there was “a trademark dispute” between the firms which was being handled by its legal team.

    He said: “It is being sorted, I am aware that remedies have been put in place to resolve this dispute.”

    However, Mrs Wilson said it was yet to hear of any “remedies or assurances” from the company or its legal advisers.

    The SIA said that any individual undertaking wheel-clamping activities must by law hold a licence.

    The Preston firm also holds Approved Contractor Status, a voluntary accreditation offered by the SIA.

    She said that the body was making “compliance enquiries” into the Hull firm and, where there was evidence of offences, it could prosecute under the Private Security Industry Act.

    A spokesman said: “There is currently no legislation covering how much companies can charge for removing clamps, for example.

    “That would be an issue which would be picked up by the local trading standards body or in the small claims court.”

    She added the SIA had no power to force any company to change their name and “would not become involved in disputes over identity between two companies.”

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